Can solar be free?

Yes it can. Not a bill swap. No monthly payment.

Let the incentives pay for the system. If you qualify for the MassSolarLoan 30% Loan Principle Reduction (see table below), you effectively will receive 100% of the solar install paid for by incentives.

Lets look at an example-

Find your income level (Look at your 1040/ line 22) and find the line with the number in your house hold.


A family of 4 with an income (taken from line 22 on the 1040) is less than $91,052, can receive upto $10,500 (30%) off the project total. If it’s less than $136,578, there is upto $3500 (10%) off the project.

You will need to manage the money, and keeping the money from the utility and in your pocket is a great end state.

If your family qualifies for the 30% you can essentially have solar for free.

Here is how- 30% FED tax credit, 30% MSL credit, Mass income tax credit ($1100) about 3% and production SMART credit about 37%.

This totals out to 100%.

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