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NVEnergyLLC was created out of the belief that energy should not be sold to the highest bidder, not at the highest margin, but should be available to everyone.

With the tax benefits and low equipment costs, solar PV is really within most peoples reach. Using the Mass Solar Loan as a finance vehicle, most installs are zero out of pocket and no UCC-1 filing (depends on lender requirements).

Most marketing strategies aim at the focus of providing a lease or ‘service’ of a reduced energy rate, a free installation, absorbing all the credits, and not giving benefit to the owner, not us.

Our business model is to provide a path of ownership and so that ALL the benefits are realized by the owner. Federal tax credits, state income tax credits, and SMART credits all goto the owner.

Our services are priced reasonably against the big box companies, while maximizing the amount of products made in the USA.

We use licensed contractors and electricians to install the equipment and we want you to feel comfortable with your installation.

Servicing all of Massachusetts.

NVEnergyLLC is an Authorized Enphase Installer

enphase installer

Meet the Team

Engineers and Business Managers provide a top level learning and buying experience.


Nate Vignola, MBA


Nate has an MBA in Finance and Bachelors of Science / Electrical Engineering. Native to Massachusetts and constantly involved with alternative energies, either solar electric, hydronic, or biomass, Nate has decades of knowledge and expertise to answer your questions and to make sure that your system is what you want.

Andy Pluta, MSEE

Vice President Sales

Andy has an MS in Electrical Engineering. He has always been involved with renewable energies. He is an advocate to reduce the carbon footprint by maximizing solar combined with heat pumps to make the best of both worlds.


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