Quality install is the best recipe…

At NVEnergyLLC, we believe that installations should be top notch using the best equipment and the best practices.

Making sure installs are as clean as possible- only see panels is the goal. Take the time to hide as much wiring as possible and run through walls and attic spaces if we can.

Installing a roof box correctly is key: it must be cut into (“LET IN”) the roofing to be flashed effectively. This stops water from getting in.

Installing a roof box correctly.

Installed correctly.

Not installed correctly. Roof leaked. Was not an NVEnergyLLC install.

Conduit everywhere, silver and blue panels. Not sightly.

Looks good. Clean

The electrical connections are one of the most important connections. A loose connection is a fire hazard and can cause poor production.

We use terminal block for connections. These are the best connections.

Note the gray terminal blocks for AC connections. These terminal blocks are rated for this type of electrical service. Wire nuts are not rated for this type of connection.

Midnight Solar Surge suppression. NVEnergyLLC uses nothing but MidNite: Check out this short video:
Best in class!

Metering on a ground mount array. Clean and neat.

Not only does NVEnergyLLC want the install to perform great, it needs to look great too.

Looks great!