Ground Mount Solar

Ground Mount installations can be the most cost effective with optimal placement and optimal alignment to the available sunlight, the gain can be substantial vs a roof mount.

We install the top shelf equipment. LG Panels and Enphase invertors. Best warranty in the business. Ask for the latest warranty update.

We have several contractors that provide excavation and concrete services. If you have a contractor that you would prefer to use, we can accommodate that. DIY- If you have excavation equipment and wish to provide sweat equity, that is an option also.

We start with locating a good site in the yard using a Solar Eye. This finds all the shadows that can reduce solar PV production.

The footings for the piers are dug.

Install the 12″ sonatubes and 1-1/2″ galy pipe. Add cement

Take away the forms.

Add trench for power connection.

Build out the pipe structure and add vertical panel support rails

Get the angle right.

Connect up invertors.

Wire manage.

Big Array

Add in production meter a disconnect.

Add connection to the dwelling.

Spining the house meter backwards.

Solar Production Meter spinning along…