Owning solar is a much better venture than leasing / PPA.

When you lease or use a PPA ( power purchase agreement ) you save a little bit of money every year. You are still really paying a premium for electricity, usually from equipment that is on your own property.

When you own your solar, the cost per KWH is much - much - less.

Lets look at a 10 year snippet in time:

House A uses 10000 KWH a year. The owner signed a lease and will save 10% on this years bill. Currently, the average KWH cost is $0.24, or $2400 a year. A 10% savings is $240 this year. But wait- the lease / PPA has an annual increase of 2.9% Hmmmm-

House B hears what House A has to say and doesn't think that is a good deal. The owner calls NVEnergyLLC and asks for the real scoop. NVEnergyLLC says a 10000KWH system typically costs $26,000, using excellent equipment with 25 year warranties. With the current incentives ITC- (Federal Investment Tax Credit of 30%) and Massachusetts 'SMART' incentive payment of $0.11/KWH, the effective cost that House B would pay is $0.072/KWH over 10 years, and no annual increase ever.

The 10 year- Do Nothing- cost is $27386.94

The 10 year lease/PPA cost for electricity is $24648.24

The 10 year owning cost is $7200.00

Lets look at years 10-20....

The 10-20 year- Do Nothing- cost is $36449.97

The 10-20 year lease/PPA cost for electricity is $32804.98

The 10-20 year owning cost is $0.00

The total cost for 20 years - Do Nothing - $63836.91

The 20 year total for lease/PPA cost is $57453.22

The 20 year total of owning solar is still $7200.

The cost difference is real. $50K+. That is money that can be used for education, fantastic vacations, or just re-invest.

Why Lease or use a PPA? It just does not make financial sense.

Call NVEnergyLLC today and see what we can do for you.