Energy monitoring with SENSE

NVEnergyLLC believes that providing the customer with information that can help reduce thier carbon footprint is a prioirty.

This is why we install SENSE on every project.

This unit provides appliance by appliance usage data, along with monitoring the solar array power production and the power used in the home. As the unit learns the energy signatures of different appliances you can program alerts such as: pool pump is on, freezer door is open, attic lights are on, basement electric heater is on, game tv is on, and sump is on.

This gives you piece of mind that you do not have to wait for the utility bill to arrive to show that you made the right decision to go with NVEnergyLLC. You can see the difference on day one!

If you already have solar, NVEnergyLLC can install a SENSE unit. Call us to make an appointment.