Q: How long does it take to install?

A: Ground mount systems are the fastest to install. Roof mount systems have added time for engineer reviews, and the installation itself is a little slower. There is a lot of paperwork and approvals involved and this takes the most time. Projects average 3 months.

Q: Do I need a building permit?

A: Yes! All work needs a permit.

Q: Can I do some of the work myself? I like to see what is actually occurring.

A: Yes to some extent, you can work with us, similar to This Old House style.

Obviously - if the work area is on scaffolding, you wont be with us.

Q: What is an SREC and what does it do?

A: Its an acronym for ‘Solar Renewable Energy Credit’. It represents 1000KWH’s generated by your system. SREC’s are totally independent of the electric bill. Electricity generators are required that their energy portfolio must have a percentage of renewable electricity. These companies buy the SREC to add to their portfolio from you through a trader such as SRECTRADE.com.

Q: Can I see electricity production real time on a computer?

A: Yes, on your smart phone too.

Q: How long do the systems last?

A: These are designed for 25+ years of operation.

Q: Are the panels made in the USA?

A: Yes by SolarWorld. They’ve been in business since 1977.

Q: How does the solar reduce my electric bill?

A: If the solar electric panels produces more electricity that you use, the meter will spin backwards.

Click here to see the actual solar PV engage and make the meter go backwards!

Q: I can’t stand the high pitched noise or the sight of the big inverter on the side of my house, what do you do about that?

A: The invertors that we use are Enphase Microinvertors, They produce zero noise, are hidden under the solar panels. All the wiring is routed through a roof mounted junction box, so the only wire you might see is a ground wire leading off of the roof to divert any lightning strikes away from the structure. There are some situations where conduit will be exposed, but we try to minimize this.

Q: Lease / Zero Down / Own the solar PV system?

A: It’s very enticing to say yes at a one-lump/upfront cost lease or zero down ‘contract’. Here is the problem– If you opt to NOT-OWN your solar PV system, you give up your tax breaks, credits and most/if not all of the SREC income.

Owning a system can have a ROI/IRR 2x over leasing. The  aim is to provide you with a system that you own, and can transfer to the next owner without a hitch. Figure an install is $4.50/watt turnkey and run the numbers with your CPA/Tax advisor.

Q: Can I install a system myself?

A: Short answer is no, and one of the reasons why NVEnergyLLC was created. There isn’t an easy upfront way for someone to just buy a system, and to become proficient at installing isn’t like building a deck.

What NVEnergyLLC does for you:

  • Paperwork, lots of paperwork throughout the project. Provide the solar survey to estimate solar production.
  • MASSCEC, Utility, DOER, PTS
  • Design the solar PV system to fit the needs of the client
  • Align contractors (insured/licensed) who have experience with installing solar.
  • Align the structural engineer for the project. Most municipalities require a registered structural engineer signature that the structure is strong enough before a building permit is issued.
  • Align distributors.

Q: Can I use my own contractors?

A: Yes and no. The contractors used by NVEnergyLLC are screened for solar PV knowledge. If your contractor doesn’t have experience here, the end result is a higher bill due to contractor education and possible rework.

Q: Do you have experience installing Lennox SunSource Equipment?

A: Yes, no problem.

Q: * Do you pay for Referrals?

A: Yes, we pay out 1% of the total cost to the referrer. We would much rather pay out to our clients vs marketing agencies. The max we pay is $750.